'The Malpighian Layer' at CAR drde, Bologne (IT)

Amélie Bouvier, Inga Meldere, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Jonathan Van Doornum, Theis Wendt


curated by

Bruno Barsanti and Gabriele Tosi


opening Saturday 12th May 2018 h 18 - 20.30

13th May > 28th July 2018


CAR drde is pleased to present a group show under the title The Malpighian Layer featuring works by Amélie Bouvier, Inga Meldere, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Jonathan Van Doornum and Theis Wendt. The exhibition is curated by Bruno Barsanti and Gabriele Tosi.


The Malpighian layer is the deepest part of the epidermis and it is named after the Italian scientist Marcello Malpighi, born in 1628 in Crevalcore, near Bologna. In this innermost layer skin cells are continuously formed by division, a process also known as mitosis. As the cells produced by these divisions age, they migrate upwards to replace the cells being worn away at the surface. Malpighi could describe this phenomenon thanks to the groundbreaking use of the microscope.


In a metaphorical sense, the images generated by the works in the exhibition can be considered as the “outer” layer of an expanded immaterial skin, the spectrum of a physical or cultural substratum pushed up to the surface from the invisible “inner” layers. This movement provokes a shift in the perception; the usual hiddenness of something ”negative” that always comes with the “positive” image is here addressed by invoking the same process that allows the image itself to appear. Making use of different strategies, these artworks denote the artificial and misleading nature of sight: the beyond, the before and the after become difficult to determine and only appear to exist in a shifting condition as if merged with one another. Mapping this immaterial skin as a folded space originally existing in a compressed and encrypted manner appears to be the core action made by the artworks in order to reveal the presence of something authentic that would otherwise be easily lost.